June 14, 2024

Commentary on the discussion of transgender people in sports

Commentary on the discussion of transgender people in sports

HDoes anyone remember Bonnie Blair, five-time Olympic champion in speed skating? She is now 56 and recently spoke vividly about an unsolvable conflict. And the question is: Should transgender athletes compete on an equal footing in women’s sports?

One has to assume that athletes born as men are physically stronger than “biological” women, so moral arguments are useless. The dispute over who discriminates against the worst – who excludes transgender people or who steals mathematics from their chances of success – is now raging in the United States.

The question arises, why should women continue to compete in “biological” women’s bodies that they cannot win? Doesn’t that mean the meaning of the classic women’s sport is lost? “Athletes should not be forced to compete in an unfair environment, and women’s sport should be protected,” said Bonnie Blair Cruikshank. You can argue who is right. Or rather one argue, and that includes opening your mouth.

New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard used to compete in men’s competitions before undergoing surgery.

Photo: EPA-EFE

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