June 20, 2024

Ice hockey legend Wayne Gritsky mourns the death of his father

Ice hockey legend Wayne Gritsky mourns the death of his father

Ice hockey star Wayne Gretzky mourns his father. Walter Gretzky died Thursday at the age of 82, as announced by “The Great One”.

Gritsky (60) wrote on Twitter that his father, a son of Belarusian immigrants born in Canada, has bravely fought against Parkinson’s disease and other health problems in recent years, but has never let her down.

The best player in ice hockey history has once again emphasized the great influence his father had on his career. Gretzky wrote, “It is the reason I fell in love with ice hockey, it inspired me not only to be the best in ice hockey, but also in life.” His father was truly the “great man” and “proudest Canadian” he knew.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote on Twitter. Trudeau wrote: “Walter Gretzky always took care of his family and society – his friendship was undeniable, his passion evident and his colossal work.”

Walter Gretsky had always prepared an ice deck for his son in the garden behind the house in Brantford / Canada, where he was mainly working on his shooting style.

Gretzky, who has played for Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues and the New York Rangers, has set nearly 50 National Hockey League (NHL) records, best known for most goals (92), assists (163) and scorer point ( 215) in one season (excluding playoffs).