March 2, 2024

Chip crunch causes iPhone 14 screens to suffocate

Chip crunch causes iPhone 14 screens to suffocate

Apple’s Chinese supplier BOE is said to be having problems producing OLED displays.

The OLED panels in current iPhones are still entirely from Korean manufacturers LG and Samsung. For the iPhone 14, Apple apparently also wants to use the Chinese company BOE and is said to have already ordered ten million iPhone screens from the company for the first half of the year. The site stated that a total of 40 million is planned in 2022

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. Due to the lack of chips, the Bank of England will not reach this goal.

Problem: BOE needs the so-called LX Semicron display driver to produce its displays, but the Korean company is currently having production issues. Only BOE is affected by the delivery issue, and LG’s second monitors will be supplied to an LX customer, according to “The Elec”. By next month, the Chinese manufacturer can offer only 3 million screens instead of 5 million, and in 2022 the company can offer only 30 million instead of 40. The screens are said to be 6.06-inch LTPS OLED panels meant for the upcoming iPhone 14 – so it won’t be affected Current iPhone production. The magazine recently reported that LG can

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Set up a new production line for OLED iPad screens.