June 21, 2024

China blames US for “new problems”.

International Relations

Updated on 06/14/2023 at 12:11 pm

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang has blamed the US for “new difficulties and challenges” in relations between the two countries. “It is clear who is responsible,” Qin said, according to a transcript of a phone call with his US counterpart, Anthony Blinken, released Wednesday by the Foreign Ministry in Beijing. Blinken himself said on Twitter that he had made “continuous efforts” to open communication channels and discussed bilateral and global issues with Qin.

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Relations between Washington and Beijing have deteriorated significantly in recent years over trade, human rights issues, relations with Taiwan and many other issues. Blinken is expected to hold talks in China on Sunday after a planned trip in February was cancelled.

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said Blinken stressed the importance of keeping communication links open to avoid conflict. The Secretary of State made it clear that the United States will continue to use diplomatic dialogue to “highlight areas of concern and areas of potential cooperation.”

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This is Blinken’s first visit to Beijing since US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to China in October 2018. Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping met to defuse tensions ahead of the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia. Between America and wanting to destroy China.

Blinken canceled his trip to China at short notice in early February after a Chinese balloon flew over the United States for several days, sparking a scandal between Washington and Beijing. On February 4, an American fighter jet shot down the balloon in the sea. According to Washington, it was a Chinese spy balloon. Beijing denies this and talks about a civilian balloon for meteorological purposes, which it certainly isn’t.

Disputes between the world’s two largest economies continue in other areas. The White House recently accused China of maintaining an espionage unit in Cuba for years. Beijing feigned ignorance and criticized Washington’s Cuba policy.