June 23, 2024

Century: Age of Ashes: On Dragons, Get Ready, Shoot: New Trial Dates Set!

Century: Age of Ashes: On Dragons, Get Ready, Shoot: New Trial Dates Set!

Have you ever wanted to fight a dragon like Daenerys in Game of Thrones? Then Century: Age of Ashes is the game for you! Now, in the run-up to the release, other beta dates have been announced.

Dragon Rider Flight Fighting Game Century: Age of Ashes Already completed a test weekend which was very successful. Therefore, the developers now go one step further and today confirmed the dates for the second, larger beta phase of beta testing.

The next closed beta version should also run for a longer period and will take place between March 12-21, 2021. Comments from the community have also been incorporated into various reviews. There are new matchmaking options and game modes, improved controls, and a free flying mode where you can practice on the computer first.

Game progress has been reset from previous beta. However, all experiences, earned currency, and activations in the context of this second closed beta will, however, be carried over to the Early Access version originally planned. During the trial version, a cosmetic store will also be opened, although at first it will not use real money and will only depend on the currency acquired in the game.

Keyword Early Access: The release of this game has been delayed again and is now supposed to be out in the first week of April. Upcoming registrations Closed trial version is possible via Steam.

Century: Age of Ashes – Trailer gameplay

The video shows game scenes from the approaching century-long Dragon Drag Rider combat game: Edge of Ashes.

Changes in contrast to the first beta version according to the official information at a glance:

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Matchmaking and game modes

  • Queued MMR to improve game balance and place same-tier players in the same games.
  • Rookie Mode can only be accessed up to Level 10
  • Addition of Skirmish Mode: Better than 5, 3v3 mode will replace ROOKIE mode for players from level 10 and above. All controls will be available at the start of the first round.
  • Free flight mode will be available. There, players can learn about dragon controls and play against an opposing robot.

Fire gates

  • Adjusting the number of rounds to the top 3 and an additional fourth round in the event of a draw to avoid exploiting XP Draw.
  • The sound design has been reworked to make the game mode even more epic
  • Improved balance by adding more flag spawn points
  • General UI / FX enhancements to make targets clearer

More improvements

  • Introduce a penalty system for players who leave the game early
  • The shop will open! Players can spend the coin they win on cool items. Real money purchases will not be possible!
  • A list of the best will be available
  • Global ping improvements
  • Improved mouse and keyboard controls
  • General sound design improvements to improve players’ sense of hitting an opponent
  • The progression system has been rebalanced. The goal is to make the top level look like an achievement