May 23, 2024

Britain wants to test travelers twice

Canada suspends flights from India and Pakistan

In light of the numerous cases of coronavirus infection among travelers from India and Pakistan, Canada has banned flights from these two countries for the time being. Transport Minister Omar Al-Ghubra said that the ban went into effect yesterday (local time) and does not apply to cargo flights and will initially last for 30 days.

Strong increase

India is currently witnessing a dangerous increase in the number of infections. Recently, people tested positive for the virus in another 332,730 cases. Another 2,263 people have died and tested positive. This is also the limit. This brings the number of deaths to 186,920. The total number of positive tests in the country with 1.36 billion people is now over 16 million.

A double mutation of the Coronavirus as well as religious, political and sporting mass events have been blamed for the sharp increase. The situation is exacerbated by conditions in hospitals, where oxygen supplies to supply Covid-19 patients are scarce.

13 dead in a fire

A fire tragedy also happened recently in a hospital in Mumbai: 13 Covid 19 patients were killed in a hospital fire. As the fire brigade announced, 17 people were treated when the fire initially broke out, of unknown cause. Four people survived and were taken to another hospital in Maharashtra. The fire is now extinguished.

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