May 23, 2024

Call for help from Kitzbühel winner Dave Ryding

Call for help from Kitzbühel winner Dave Ryding

Dave Ryding, the thrilling winner of the slalom in Kitzbühel, is concerned about his career.Photo: imago

After the most successful winter in British Ski Association history, UK Sports has announced financial cuts to support high alpine skiing. Not only the Kitzbühel winner’s career, Dave Riding is threatened.

At the start of the year, Dave Riding wrote a history of skiing: As the first Briton since 1931, the veteran surprisingly won the slalom in Kitzbühel in January. In doing so, he secured Britain’s first-ever World Cup victory.

In addition to Ryding, the British Alpine Ski Team currently has more talented riders than ever before. Six athletes racked up World Cup points and gave the British Skating Association the best season in history.

But now UK Sport has surprisingly announced that it will drastically reduce financial support for alpine skiing. So far, the state sports agency has taken a large part of the funding for skateboarding professionals who rely on an infusion of cash. As a result, the British European Cup program for the next season has already been suspended.

Britain's Charlie Raposo joins the skate brand

Briton Charlie Raposo has joined skate brand “VanDeer” from World Cup winner Marcel Hirscher.Photo: IMAGO

This means that the personal financial expenses that athletes have had to incur in recent years to participate in the World Cup and be able to finance travel and training will be much higher. It is possible that some British athletes will reach their financial limits as a result, which could in the worst case lead to the end of their careers.

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In a video shared by British skateboarding artists on social media, they address potential new supporters. They are looking for investors who “want to be part of one of the most exciting times in British ski history”. In order for the athletes to continue their training, they will need about 900,000 euros over the next eight weeks. “We are looking for support at the most exciting and successful time in the history of alpine skiing,” Dave Ryding wrote on social media.

Explaining the decision to cut budgets, UK Sport said: “We are aware that GB Snowsport and some athletes will be disappointed with our recent investment decisions, but our investments in winter sports are now more targeted, with an emphasis on the freestyle skiing and snowboarding disciplines, although not That’s exclusive.”

It is therefore highly likely that Dave Riding will not be able to repeat his thrilling victory at Hahnenkamm in January next season due to a lack of funds. To prevent this from happening, Paul Traynor, head of British Alps, wants to ensure that “these athletes can continue their tireless hard work and their successes”. (Mom)

The legend of Hanenkamm


The legend of Hanenkamm

Source: cp / jonathan hayward

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth… Niko has to go snowboarding

Video: Watson

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