February 25, 2024

But there is no quick end to the metric system in GB

In Great Britain, the major move away from the metric system of meters and kilograms announced after Brexit has yet to occur. The Ministry of Commerce in London announced this yesterday. Earlier, in a government survey, 98.7 percent of more than 100,000 respondents said they were satisfied with using the metric system when buying or selling.

In Great Britain, only traditional measures such as pounds and pints are allowed to be used in commerce if metric measurements such as grams and liters are specified. The UK government considered changing this law.

After Britain's departure from the European Union, then-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he would usher in a “new era of liberalism and tolerance” towards traditional British units of measurement.

Pint back at the supermarket

After evaluating all the survey results and all the arguments, the government has “decided against any change to the law at this time,” the British Trade Ministry said. However, Great Britain has a “long and proud” history of using “imperial measures” known as traditional measures.

However, the ministry announced good news for supporters of traditional British units of measurement: from now on, supermarkets, pubs and restaurants in Britain will be allowed to sell wine or sparkling wine in the pint unit, which corresponds to 568 milliliters. The Trade Ministry explained that the move was made possible by the “new freedoms” of leaving the EU.