May 23, 2024


But CCI5 * -L in Great Britain in 2021? –

Don’t forget badminton nor bergley – but does that also mean that in 2021 there won’t be a five-star tournament in the home country for the event for the second time in a row? This should be prevented.

British Eventing is currently exploring “all possibilities” for the CCI5 * -L 2021 contract on UK soil elsewhere.

Horse and dog He spoke to Bruce Haskell, president of the British Championships Association, who said that despite the Olympics and European Championships, there is a “great desire” for a five-star tournament.

Five-star horses are highly specialized and their occupations at this level are limited in time. Europe needs another five-star championship. “But even if that is the best for the sport, we must be careful that it becomes a championship that meets the standards on the one hand and is safe on the other hand.”

Haskell also indicated that the tournament may rely on donations to fund it. “We might need society. You might be asked to put your hand in your pocket.”

British Events said: “After the extremely disappointing news that the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials will not take place this year, British Eventing is working closely with FEI and other stakeholders to explore all possibilities for five stars this year. The tournament was held elsewhere as a one-off event. “.

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