July 16, 2024

The order to pay against Boris Johnson has been dropped

The order to pay against Boris Johnson has been dropped

Boris Johnson received a payment order requiring him to pay several hundred pounds. Now the claim has been dropped.

A payment order of 535 pounds (about 623 euros) against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been canceled. On Thursday there is no longer a case and the lawsuit is withdrawn, a judge said. The government had previously described the decision, which became known on Wednesday, as “baseless” and announced that it would take action against it. A spokesperson said this was a violation of the law, and efforts would be made to withdraw it.

What the claim was about is unclear. However, the BBC, citing court documents, stated that there were allegations of defamation against the Prime Minister. A government spokesman had previously only confirmed that it had nothing to do with the overall refurbishment of Johnson’s official apartment. The conservative politician has come under pressure in recent weeks due to unanswered questions about his funding.

In Great Britain, as in Germany, reminder notices can be issued at the request of creditors without a detailed examination of the content. If no objection is filed, it can be enforced.

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