April 22, 2024

British to crush lobster

British to crush lobster

An invasive freshwater lobster species threatens Welsh waters ecosystems. An environmental organization is now caught in the crosshairs of great demand.

Signal crabs that have been introduced to Wales from North America are killed by the population. The Welsh Environment Organization North Wales Wildlife Trust (NWWT) has invited the Daily Post. In order to protect the ecosystem in the area, it is therefore necessary to desensitize and to stab or crush animals in a humane manner if they come into contact with each other. The native crow crabs are particularly threatened by invasive species.

In North Wales, according to the NWWT, American signal crabs aren’t limited to eating on river courses. It also spreads a deadly crayfish plague to native species – and devours its competitors. And the British crow crabs, which are a major species for the territorial waters, will be increasingly displaced by the invaders. The result: the destruction of river banks and disruption of fish breeding grounds.

So now the Environmental Protection Agency recommends cutting animals with a knife if it comes in visual contact. “We realize that not everyone carries a knife,” adds cancer expert Helen Carter-Emsel. “The alternative is to crush the crabs under a rock, although we know this can be uncomfortable for some people.” It is now illegal to let lobsters live.

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