March 3, 2024

Both Patz and Michele are looking to win their second world title

Both Patz and Michele are looking to win their second world title

Curling – At the Thônex Curling Center near Geneva, teams from 20 qualifying countries will compete in mixed doubles at the World Championships starting Saturday. The Swiss team Alina Patz / Sven Michel has already won the world championship once.

Alina Patz of Zurich and Sven Michel of Bernese Oberland, who have also been a private couple for many years, won their first World Cup so far in 2011, at a time when the discipline was still in its infancy and only a few reels excelled in ‘real’ curling ‘, in teams of four.

Meanwhile, he played mixed doubles at the front. The overall level has increased significantly. It’s been a full-fledged Olympic discipline since 2018. Top curling nations such as Canada, USA, Sweden, Scotland and Switzerland send players who are also among the best in classic curling. It’s no different than the Thônex World Championships, so Pätz/Michel starts out as one of many favorite tandems.

Unlock the future in the classic curling game

How things will go with Alina Patz and Sven Michel in four-man curling after this season. The Geneva men’s team was disbanded after the Beijing Olympics. The women of CC Arao, three-time world champions, will soon decide their future.

It must be ensured that Pätz / Michel will continue in the doubles. The 2026 Olympics quotas will be played in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo for the 2024 and 2025 World Cups.