April 25, 2024

Before the Swiss and France championships in the World Cup - the Bozon family wanted a trip to the Swiss national team - sport

Before the Swiss and France championships in the World Cup – the Bozon family wanted a trip to the Swiss national team – sport


Father coach, sons striker – Bozon’s family has never been more in the French national team.

They know Swiss ice hockey like their back: France national team coach Philippe Buzon and his sons Tim and Kevin have spent a large part of their lives in Swiss ice hockey.

The 55-year-old played for four Swiss clubs between 1995 and 2006 and started his coaching career at Servette. The 28-year-old Tim and the 26-year-old Kevin grew up in the junior teams in Geneva, Tim played at Lausanne last season, and Kevin for Winterthur in the Swiss league (and will move to the league with Ajoy next season).

Former coach Patrick Fisher

“I know almost the entire Swiss team, and some guys like Denis Maljean are friends,” says Tim Bozon, who first met the team in a serious fight. “And Vichy was my coach in Lugano. Switzerland has a strong team. It is one of our motivations to try to beat them.”

“Switzerland is very strong with its players in the National Hockey League,” said his brother and World Cup newcomer Kevin. “We probably won’t get the disc much, but we’re trying to keep the game open for as long as possible.”

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Follow the World Cup match between Switzerland and France from 7:20 pm on SRF Zwei or here in the live broadcast.

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“Boss like everyone else”

But what’s it like to play under your dad’s leadership anyway? “I treat him as if he were a different coach. The same goes in reverse,” Kevin says. Plus, it’s often the coaches’ assistants who give him instructions.

Coach Philip said the contact with the family during the World Cup was not overly close. “I have a lot of tasks outside the ice – preparing games, videos, meetings, watching opponents. That leaves very little time.” But if he takes off his training glasses and puts on his father’s glasses, the following will apply: “I am proud that they are in this team and they can experience the World Cup.”

Real hockey family

Anyway, it’s unusual to have a father and two sons on the same team, says Tim. “But we are a hockey family. We knew from a young age that we might one day play together for the France national team. So it is no surprise that we are here today.”