Barry Callebaut: “No contaminated product has entered the food chain”

Barry Callebaut halted production at the Wieze plant after salmonella was discovered in the production batch. All candy bars produced after Saturday, June 25, are banned.

“During the past 48 hours, Barry Callebaut has contacted all 73 companies across Europe that received the contaminated product from the Wieze plant. Our internal investigations today showed that thanks to rapid response, good cooperation with customers and authorities and transparent communication, we were able to prevent contaminated products from entering the chain Belgian food,” the company said on Friday.

“According to our internal investigations, there is no longer any food safety risk. The Belgian food safety authorities are independently continuing their investigations and will confirm this conclusion,” Barry Callebaut stressed.

The 73 companies that received the contaminated product are based not only in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands, Spain, France, Poland, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy.

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