May 23, 2024

Barbra Streisand is honored as a woman of exemplary character

from BZ / dpa

Singer, actress and director Barbra Streisand, 80, is proud to receive Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Women’s Leadership Award.

The American thanked her on Twitter: “I am deeply honored to receive this award, named after one of the most famous women justices to ever serve on the Supreme Court.” The award is given annually to women who advocate for use. Positive change in society and its principles can serve as a model.

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Statement explaining why Streisand was chosen: “Barbra Streisand is not only the greatest artist in our country’s history, she is an American dedicated to helping our country live up to its founding principles. Other award winners include art patron Agnes Gund, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and Queen Elizabeth II.

Streisand has been celebrating huge success for several decades: more than 140 million albums sold, awards like the Academy Awards, Emmys, Grammys and Golden Globes, and countless fans around the world. In November, she wants to publish her long-awaited memoir. Now she can add another award to the book – the award ceremony will take place in April.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a Justice of the Supreme Court, Supreme Court of the United States. She was assigned to the liberal camp and was a prominent figure in the United States with her social influence outside the court. Ginsburg became a trailblazer for other women in the American judiciary, and eventually passed away in September 2020 at the age of 87.

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