December 10, 2023

US diplomats: Biden appoints ambassadors to China and Japan

US diplomats: Biden appoints ambassadors to China and Japan

Status: 08/21/2021 12:46 AM

Experienced diplomats instead of partisan politicians: US President Biden has appointed the ambassadors of China and Japan. A Harvard professor is sent to Beijing, and Obama’s former chief of staff, Biden’s predecessor, is sent to Tokyo.

US President Joe Biden wants to send famous foreign policy expert Nicholas Burns to China as an ambassador. The White House announced. A former diplomat who currently teaches international relations at Harvard University, USA. In his previous stint at the US State Department, Burns was, among other things, the US ambassador to NATO. The US Senate has yet to approve the nomination.

The Biden government gives China a prominent place in its foreign policy: the US president considers the world’s second largest economy to be the strongest competitor and the number one geopolitical challenge.

Former Chief of Staff in Tokyo

Biden nominated former President Barack Obama’s chief of staff and Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, to serve as ambassador to Japan. Japan has long been one of the United States’ most important allies in Asia.

In Tanzania, Biden wants the United States to represent Michael Battle in the top diplomat position. The battle of the US ambassador to the African Union was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel becomes the new US ambassador to Japan.

Photo: Reuters