June 23, 2024

Bad loser – Mourinho does not want a medal, scolds the referee and leaves the future open


For the first time, Jose Mourinho lost in a European final. Does he live in Rome?

Jose Mourinho is not used to handling silver. After losing the Europa League final to Sevilla, the Roma coach threw the trophy to a young fan in the stands. The disappointment was too great after the Portuguese lost the European final for the first time after five wins in five matches.

Despite the (successful) use of his bag of tricks – Mourinho announced before the match that top scorer Paulo Dybala was only available for “20 minutes” – the Portuguese player’s aura of indomitability was shattered in Budapest.

After the match, he left his future at Roma open: “I want to stay, but my players earn more, I earn more,” Mourinho said after the shootout drama in Budapest against Sevilla. “I’m tired of being a coach and spokesperson for the club.” He then affirmed that he “wants to stay but under better conditions so that I can do my best”.

Harsh criticism of Taylor

The Roma coach also criticized the performance of final referee Anthony Taylor. Mourinho said the Englishman “looked Spanish” and issued too many yellow cards. The 60-year-old also expressed his opinion directly to the Englishman. In the stadium’s underground car park, Mourinho called out to the referee that his performance was a “disgrace”.

Ahead of the final round of Serie A this weekend, Roma are sixth. Mourinho’s future at Roma may also depend on his performance in the league. In the Italian capital, the Portuguese has restored his somewhat damaged reputation and can once again become a subject for the top 10 clubs in Europe.

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“The Special One” is associated with Paris Saint-Germain. When asked about his future, the 60-year-old confirmed that there are no contacts with other clubs in Europe. “My future? I’m serious, I said a few months ago that if I had contact with another club, I would tell the owners,” Mourinho said. Sky Sports: “I will not do anything in secret.”