May 18, 2024

Auf dem Weg von Oxford nach Erlangen – LKW mit Paletten von AV-Halterungshersteller Unicol (Foto: Unicol Deutschland)

Auxiliary vehicle exports in Brexit: “every hard start”

Unicol, a manufacturer that specializes in digital signage brackets, celebrated the start of the year with an extraordinary “trial delivery”. As of 1.1. Britain left the European Customs Union as part of Britain’s exit from the European Union. For Unicol, this meant, despite all the preparations, first approaching the new situation. It was reported that “the first order in 2021 moved from our British factory in Oxford to our German branch in Erlangen”. Unicol Germany director John Knight for Envidis. “We might also have been a little lucky, but the delivery with two platforms went relatively smoothly and arrived safely only one day late.”

On the way from Oxford to Erlangen – a truck with pallets from the AV bracket manufacturer Unicol (Photo: Unicol Germany)
Pallets at Unicol warehouse (Photo: UNICOL Germany)
Pallets at Unicol warehouse (Photo: UNICOL Germany)

Unicol now has to pay input tax and a small customs fee for its products, but the AV bracket manufacturer has prepared well, Knight says. “The only problem with importing from the UK was not with us, but with another customer carrying goods on our truck and had the wrong documents. Every start is hard.” After a test delivery, things were quickly back to normal for Unicol. “The first few weeks were a little messy, but this week we arrived from Great Britain on time and part of it went to our European customers on the same day.”

“Despite Brexit and the pandemic, our business is almost normal, and it is almost“ business as usual. ”That is why we also have to thank our customers who, despite the difficult situation at times, continue to place their trust in us. The Unicol experience shows a good picture of standard merchandise movement, at least for AV products. However, the new trade agreement only regulates some basic principles, especially for services. Here we have to wait impatiently for developments.

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