December 10, 2023

Das Logo des Industriegasekonzerns Linde ist auf Gasbehältern zu sehen. Foto: Matthias Balk/dpa/Symbolbild/dpa

Great Britain: Linde Increase Profits Dramatically And Depend On Hydrogen – Bavaria

In the future, Chairman Linde wants to significantly expand the hydrogen business. According to Angel, Linde already has sales of over $ 2 billion producing, selling, storing and using hydrogen. He said a few months ago: “Given the projected investment project of more than $ 100 billion, I think our hydrogen business could quadruple in the future.” Hydrogen predominates first, especially in large vehicles such as trucks, trains, ferries, and buses.

Linde is already preparing for some time without the Angel as the boss. If all goes well, board member Sanjeev Lamba could take over the executive chair in about a year, Handelsblatt wrote recently, citing people familiar with the matter. Lampa, who was a member of Linde’s board of directors prior to merging with Praxair, has been in charge of operations since January. “Next year will be a crucial year for Lampa,” Lindy Wolfgang Ritzl, chairman of the board, told the newspaper.

He did not want to confirm speculation about the CEO being replaced. He said that the board of directors will decide on the successor to the angels at the appropriate time. When Lampa becomes president of The Linde Corporation in the next year or two, Angel should become chairman of the board.

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