February 24, 2024

Austrian Post mocks Great Britain with Brexit stamp

Great Britain will leave the European Union on January 31.

The time has come: this Friday, Great Britain will bid farewell to the European Union. A radical event to which the Austrian Post also devoted a stamp.

However, the group had already planned to issue a Brexit stamp with a face value of €1.80 on 29 March 2019 – the original exit date. As is known, the British decided in a short time to postpone exit from the European Union. The Austrian Post was stuck with 140,000 stamps.

The unusual stamps were updated using an overprinting process

The Postal Service has put a lot of effort into this. The special stamp must also be “as distinctive and unique as the Brexit date”.Writes the Austrian Post. To emphasize its special status, the United Kingdom was given a transparent light blue paint job. The EU countries are printed in dark blue using the standard offset process.

Austrian Post has dedicated an unusual stamp to Brexit.

Austrian Post has dedicated an unusual stamp to Brexit.
Austrian Post

Instead of crushing these beautiful, stale specimens now, they clearly decided to wait for the next appointment. A working solution was found for the incorrect date using overprinting: the old date was crossed out (still legible). The correct new date has been added below. As of Friday, the unusual stamps are now available at three outlets in Austria, online and through a collecting service.