February 25, 2024

Amazon is closing several stores in the US and UK

Bookstores and pop-ups should be removed: Amazon is closing several stores in the USA and Great Britain. The company wants to focus more on food and fashion retail in its established business.

In the future, Amazon wants to further promote its “Amazon Fresh” and “Amazon Go” grocery stores, its “Amazon Style” clothing stores, and its “WholeFoods” organic supermarket. Therefore, the company abandons its libraries, 4-star branches, and temporary stores; Even reports it Handelsblatt.

Store closures due to new retail strategy

In the USA, 66 stores are said to be affected, while in Great Britain two stores face closure. Amazon opened its first book store in Seattle in 2015. In the four-star stores, Amazon sold best-selling books across categories, from toys to home goods and electronics.

Amazon is now trying to find alternative jobs for employees affected by the closures or to pay severance payments, according to TechCrunch. Handelsblatt also reports on an Amazon Style branch that will be built in a mall in Southern California. Customers should receive purchase recommendations via the Amazon app and receive more information in-store via QR codes on products.

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