May 21, 2024

Apple allows used parts for iPhone repairs

Apple has expanded its repair guidelines to allow customers and independent service providers to use used parts to repair iPhones. As stated by the company, the aim of this move is to increase the longevity of the products while at the same time reducing the environmental impact. This innovation is scheduled to take effect in the fall with select iPhone models, although Apple is still leaving the matter open about which models in particular.

From fall onward, calibration of new or used Apple original parts will be performed on the device after the replacement part is installed. Customers no longer have to provide the device's serial number when ordering parts from a self-service repair store. Additionally, they want to extend activation lock to individual components. This is intended to prevent stolen iPhones from being dismantled and misused as a spare parts warehouse. If the device is detected to have a replacement part from another device with Active Lock or Lost Mode enabled, the calibration will be restricted.

The Service History, accessible on iOS and providing information about the complete service and repair history, will finally be expanded from the fall to make it possible to see whether individual components are new or used spare parts. (research and development)

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