May 22, 2024

App names and logos have to be more serious

App names and logos have to be more serious

Play Store Apps Regeln

Want a little less? Google clearly says yes and will soon require developers to have strict, frill-free and unambiguous logos and names for their apps. Photo:

(Photo: dpa)

So that you can rely more on search results and listings on Play Store in the future The Google New rules for names and logos for Android applications Advertise. It should become clearer, more understandable, and come into play for app developers in the second half of 2021.

If you as a provider do not want to risk being kicked out of the Play Store using your app or even not being accepted in the first place, you should pay attention to the following in the future: in the name and logo as well as in the developer name, there is no information about the download rank or the ability to download the app for free.

In addition, app names should not be more than 30 characters long. Direct requests like “Download Now” or “Update Now” as well as sales campaigns should be taboo in this environment. The same applies to emojis in or to the app and developer names.


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