June 22, 2024

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Android handheld with Snapdragon G3x Gen 1

Collaboration between Razer, Qualcomm and Verizon

Source: Verizon

US network operator Verizon announced the Razer Edge 5G at Mobile World Congress Las Vegas. The mobile gaming device offers support for 5G through the built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 1.

successful Steamdeck Bring a breath of fresh air to the handheld part. Accordingly, many manufacturers are venturing into the search for alternatives to the best-selling Valve. After Logitech recently announced a mobile device designed for cloud gaming, Verizon’s telecommunications group followed suit during the MWC in Las Vegas in collaboration with Razer. The so-called Razer Edge 5G is The first handheld 5G game.

Qualcomm Portable Chip debuts

They worked with Qualcomm, which is why the device Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 Uses. The chip was revealed in December 2021 as a mobile gaming platform, based on Snapdragon 888 and he has one Exclusive Adreno GPU. Razer has already contributed to the corresponding developer group from Qualcomm. By the way, the gaming brand launched a gaming tablet with a console called Razer Edge in 2013.

again Logitech G Cloud serve Android as an operating systemHowever, Edge 5G has much more power by comparison. So nothing stands in the way of native games with higher graphics settings, but Verizon also promoted it when announcing Cloud gaming opportunities – The Xbox logo in the teaser already confirms Xbox Cloud Gaming support.

There was no more information and a closer look at the design in the MWC announcement. You just want all the details on RazerCon on October 15 reveal. In addition to the expected controls, the teaser revealed additional shoulder buttons, a screen that has been conspicuously rounded at the corners, and a front camera.

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