April 22, 2024

Alba Berlin Trainer Ito: Vacation at retirement age

Alba Berlin Trainer Ito: Vacation at retirement age

aEto’o – This has been perfect Berlin basketball for four years. Spanish coach, or better: Legendary coach Alejandro García Renesis, who moved to Germany at the age of 70, brought Alba to Berlin, which was far more important than the first championship twelve years ago, with two titles in total, as well as a win. Cup 2020 and achieve the final in the EuroCup.

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He combined the extensive youth work of Germany’s largest basketball club with the development of outstanding talent into seasoned professionals and star players, and with them he established an exciting style – for the participants as well as the audience. You can see his smiling eyes in front of you when you read the news of Alba’s spread to Berlin on Tuesday: Eto’o is taking leave at 74 and will not coach the team in the new Bundesliga and Euroleague season. As if he will return to Berlin at the age of 75.

However, you need to be prepared for surprises with the guy. After winning nine championships with FC Barcelona, ​​winning the Cup six times with Barcelona and Badalona, ​​having won four different European titles, and as a national coach, winning the silver medal in the final against the United States at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, taking his first one-year break.

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Then he moved to Seville at retirement age, and Ayut repeated with a 17-year-old talent from Latvia, Kristaps Porsengis, what he had done at Barcelona with players such as Pau Gasol, Rudi Fernandez, Juan Carlos Navarro and Ricky Rubio: with them. A deep understanding of the game and a wide range of exercises to help lead to an exceptional international career. All of them, including Porzingis, of course, became millionaires in the NBA.

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