April 25, 2024

0-3 defeat to La Chaux-de-Fonds: EHC Olten and the red and white sham

0-3 defeat to La Chaux-de-Fonds: EHC Olten and the red and white sham

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0-3 defeat to La Chaux-de-Fonds: EHC Olten and the red and white sham

Playing in the red and white jerseys, EHC Olten went into a very black day in their third Test Match of the season and lost 3-0 to La Chaux-de-Fonds. Joel Scheidegger: “We’re far beyond what we’ve shown here.”

Florian Schmukle, defender of EHC Olten, in an unusual red and white dress.

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Anyone who looked at the ice at Kleinholz Stadium on Tuesday night and wanted to support Grünweiss was surprised: EHC Olten completed their third test match for the current setup against HC La Chaux-de-Fonds in a real Team Canada bluff shirt. But that should be expected: it was just a hoax. The EHC Olten was the red-and-white outfit that EHCO players will wear before every game next season away from the fun Canadian ice hockey game.

The big question is how this 3-0 defeat to clever HC La Chaux-de-Fonds, who competed notably without Norwegian foreigners Matthias Tretenis and Sondre Olden, will be evaluated in connection with the start of the season on September 10. Because some gears at EHCO are far from getting along with each other three weeks before the first championship game. Starting with the defensive game, where the task was not at all correct, so that the power rats were often caught on the wrong foot or simply came a step too late. It is still often a matter of luck to launch any attack. Finally, EHC Olten had a particularly tough time at the end.

After all, the Olten team has dominated the game for a long time, but without serious goalscoring threats with quality scores, that’s just a small side note. Jean Mosiman (sit-down shot) and Gary Nunn (post-shot) scored Olten’s greatest chances of the entire match in the opening minutes.

Adam Hosny Nabeen Eco-imports

But instead of taking an early lead, EHCO quickly ran after a two-goal deficit. Only defender Stéphane Heugeber allowed himself to make a criminal error in positioning, so that Breve and Dobfner completed the counterattack 2-1 on the ice. A little later Achermann put the target in the parachute with a shot on Sunday (12). Finally, shortly before mid-match, Neuchâtel conjured up a successful power game after EHCO let their outnumbered situation pass unused. This was the early conclusion to the match set from the middle of the game.

However, EHCO was not worried about the 3-0 defeat without discussion. “It was a bad day, we have to check it out. “I have a feeling we’re a lot further than what we’ve shown here,” said newcomer Joel Scheidegger.

A look at the squad promised great excitement before the match. While the streak around Hüsler, Fuhrer and Wyss is already doing well and physically progressing and has to be tuned in, coach Lars Leuenberger is still looking for the perfect hit partner for Oltner Imports. Demo player Adam Hosny was first hired, but he also couldn’t stand out from the collegiate group in his usual position as a left winger next to the lackluster Canadians. It is still unclear what the future will look like. However, if the parties come to an agreement, not least in financial terms, nothing should stand in the way of the contract. One thing is clear: EHC Olten desperately needs a boost in attack with only 13 strikers on the squad.


Olten – La Choux de Phonne 0:3 (0:2, 0:1, 0:0)

shine on. – 477 spectators. – S. R. Erard / Hendry, Baumgartner / Ambrosetti. – Goals: 5th place (Döpfner) 0: 1. 12. Ashermann 0: 2. 30. Döpfner (Iglesias, Privé, Muller excluded) 0: 3. – Penalties: 5 times 2 minutes against Olten, 3 times 2 minutes against Olten HCC.

Olten: Matisse (Ritz); Lüthi, Heughebaert; Anthony, Schedger; Natter, Schmockley; Construction worker, Gurtner. Hosni, Nelson, N.; Lhotak, Wedder, Mosiman; Hussler, Fuhrer, Weiss; Muller, Schwab, Ohn.

La Chx-d-Fds: Henauer (Cervino); Iglesias, Matewa; Jackett, Anderson; Sejejs, Wyss; Turmanen. Döpfner, Privet, Sterchi; Dubois, N. Albon, Auguster; Carbis, Achermann, Sejejs; Voirol, Augsburger, Bouchareb.

Comment: Olten without Weiskopf (injured until end of August), Horansky (damaged) and Portman (redundant). HCC without Trettenes and Olden (both national teams).

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