May 23, 2024

A woman wants to cover up the illegal party in a bathrobe

A woman wants to cover up the illegal party in a bathrobe

DrHe uncovered a group of illegal lockdown party in Birmingham that tried to mislead the police with a bathrobe. The woman may have quickly thrown off the coat and turned off the light when the police came on Saturday night to throw a party in her apartment. However, she was still wearing her earrings and false eyelashes.

A video released by the police can be heard while the police question the woman and finally ask the more than a dozen guests at the party to leave. The police arrested three of them on charges of insults. At another home in Birmingham, a party with more than 50 guests was broken up.

West Midlands Police reported an increase in illegal celebrations during the current coronavirus lockdown, which has continued since the start of January, and in some cases has been lavishly organized with DJ and VIP areas. In addition, the organizers will be more careful in keeping the parties secret. Detective Commissioner David Jamison reported to The Guardian of “increased aggression of the people involved”. A lot of frustration built up during the lockdown.

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