April 25, 2024

Team event at the World Championships in Figure Skating - Norway wins gold at the World Championships, Switzerland ranks fourth

Team event at the World Championships in Figure Skating – Norway wins gold at the World Championships, Switzerland ranks fourth

In recent times dominating the field, the Swiss had only fourth place in the team event at the World Cup this time. Two hundred missing for the final.

Bissig won the last round against Norway, but is very slow: Switzerland missed the finals

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The 2018 Olympics and the World Cup 2019. Switzerland has been the barometer of all things in the team’s events in recent years, always winning the gold medal. But in Cortina, it was already clear after the second duel: There would be no repeat.

Semyel Bissig was the last to win the run, but then he hit the snow with the ski pole. Two hundred are missing.

So Switzerland failed in the semifinals against Norway and that’s very close. In addition to Besig, Sandro Simonet and Camille Rust, they lost their encounters in the semi-finals as in the previous round against Canada after Wendy Holdner introduced each. Switzerland started with farewell because there were only 15 teams.

A disappointment for Holdner

For the defending champion, there was a bronze duel against Germany, which had previously failed due to Sweden. Things happened again, Holdner beat Emma Escher, but then Simonet and Rust lost to Stefan Lewitz and Andrea Felser in the Blue Tour.

And the only thing that nibbled on was a head shake, the 23-year-old was faster than opponent and parallel specialist Alexander Schmid, but this time he lost 13 parts of a hundred.

Switzerland should settle for fourth place. Especially for a disappointed Holdner, she won’t be taking a medal at the World Cup at the moment, but she still has chances in the giant slalom on Thursday and the slalom on Saturday.

In the duel for the bronze, Wendy Holdner scored Switzerland’s first point against Germany.

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The final was Scandinavian. The Swedes with the best team possible and the Norwegians without Henrik Kristofferson are competing for gold. And somehow, Cortina wouldn’t be Cortina if this race hadn’t ended out of curiosity either. Swede Christopher Jacobsen got close to Sebastian Voss-Sullivag, at which point he cut his way.

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So the two were taken straight to the start in order to compete for a re-race. Voss-Solivage won his career and because teammate Fabian Wilkins Solheim defeated Matthias Rönningeren of Sweden shortly thereafter, the Norwegians are the world champions in the team event.

Norway is world team champion, Sweden takes silver and Germany takes bronze.

Switzerland has only fourth place ungrateful. Here is a brief summary of the race.

Norway advanced 1-0.

But now the second round will be repeated: Jacobsen appears to have blocked the Norwegian Voss-Sullivag during the race. Now we’ll drive again!

Sarah Hector has now scored a point for Sweden. Permission 1: 1.

Then again: Voss Sullivag vs Jacobsen. Voss Solivag won it again. 2: 1 for Norway.

The gold medal in the world championships in the team event goes to Norway!

Here we go, it’s about the bronze! Holdner vs. Emma Escher.

In the red tournament, Schwyzerin won again. 1-0 to Switzerland.

Can Simonet now run flawlessly? Competing against Stefan Lewitz.

Simonet keeps the blue race well, but Luitz is faster. 1: 1.

Camille Rust versus Andrea Felser. The Valaisian also drives well, but as you know, it also loses on the blue track. 2: 1 for Germany.

Semyel Bissig has to fix it again. Hop Shows!

It is a shame, not enough. Alexander Schmid was defeated fiercely, but failed again by a few hundred hundred.

Fourth place Switzerland bronze for Germany.

“It will be exciting against Germany, but we have a realistic opportunity,” said Swiss ski coach Pete Chor. We hope Holdner, Bessig & Co. will take advantage of this opportunity. To be continued soon.

Will the Swiss reach the final? Holdner starts again and drives against Reese Johanssen.

Our parallel race lead hands over again and gets the first point.

Holdner slowly but with victory

The first point in the semi-final is for Switzerland, but Wendy Holdner is not very fast.

Sandro Simonet versus Fabian Wilkins Solheim. Once again, the 25-year-old Swiss can’t keep up and has an even stronger slide. Norway has booked compensation.

Simonet loses the duel against Solheim

Point for Norway: Switzerland must accept the equalizer in the semi-final against Norway.

Oh, Camille Rust also lost the weaker blue track. Thea Louise Sternsund makes it 2-1 for Norway.

Once again, Semmel Bisig’s journey settled.

Snappy wins, but Switzerland missed the finals

The loss of Norway is a fact. Snappy wins, but he’s very slow.

No, this was soon! Bissig shows a powerful journey, but in the end it is not enough due to a trifle of two hundred.

Norway in the final, and Switzerland fighting for the bronze medal.

Switzerland – Norway

Germany – Sweden

Who will get the last semi-final ticket?

In exciting fencing it is 1: 1 after 2 rounds. The slope is more and more pronounced in warmer temperatures.

Liensberger offers against Alphand.

But Jacobsen saved Sweden with a great performance! Austria, the favorite, are already eliminated, and Sweden are in the semi-finals.

Fortunately, the difference is not as big as it was yesterday, but today the red track is a little faster and therefore offers an advantage.

It’s exciting among our neighbors. 1: 1.

Andrea Welser is now presenting to Germany.

Alexander Schmid leads her home. Germany move to the semi-finals.

Our greatest starts: Wendy Holdener measures herself against Cassidy Gray.

Yeah. Schwyzerin wins by 22 hundredths. 1-0 to Switzerland.

Holdner brings Switzerland the first point

Schweizeren is not giving Canadian Cassidy Gray a chance.

It’s a shame, Sandro Simone made an unfortunate start. Canada compensates. 1: 1.

Camille Rust also lost her duel. Despite her tough fight, she just lost to Irene Milczynski. 1: 2.

Rust submits to Milzinski

Camille Rast must admit defeat to Al-Kindy. Canada leads against Switzerland.

Now Semyel Bissig has to fix it. Fingers crossed.

Excellent! Bissig takes advantage of a foul from the Canadian and then wins at the required time. Switzerland was in the semi-finals.

Snappy makes perfect Swiss semi-finals

Simil Besig is faster than Geoffrey Reed and scored an important point for Switzerland.

It will be exciting soon, as the Swiss are interfering with the action. Will you jump in the Canadian hurdle?

The first duels ended in a knockout. The quarter-finals will continue soon:

Switzerland – Canada

Norway – USA

Germany – Italy

Austria – Sweden

So it can be clear. Austria in the favorite role.

Liensberger wins first by a 0.98 second lead.

Gethrin is also the victor. 2-0. The time for the Austrians is not yet ripe. Are they retreating from this opponent, or what is our neighbors today?

Then the duel was already settled. Austria faces Sweden in the quarter-finals.

Balanced start. Swedish Sara Hector won the first duel, but Slovenian Rockstar won. 1: 1.

The Swedes decide for themselves the last two races. Slovenes are eliminated.

The Germans with Andrea Welser and Alexander Schmid. 2-0.

Alex Tilly is short for Great Britain. 1: 2. The duel of men must be decided.

Oops, Billy Major got it wrong at first and gave the Germans the victory.

Germany will meet Italy in the quarter-finals.

Oh, in the first duel, the Italian drops! Lara Dela Mai falls down and catches her knee. Hopefully nothing bad. It is now treated on the slopes, and it will not continue with it.

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Still: 1-0 for Finland.

Torsty defeats Borsotti. 2-0 to Finland. Now Italy faces the challenge.

Pirovano can do it! Shortened to 1: 2.

And then De Aliprandini throws everything into balance! The Italian also wins his duel and reduces the time required. Italy reached the quarter-finals thanks to the race to catch up.

Things really happen here in quick succession. Popular ski racers race more or less nearly every minute. Are you still keeping up?

Norway starts out well. 2-0.

If Riis-Johannessen wins now, that will already be determined here.

And she does so with confidence. The Japanese are already slower anyway then they make another mistake and it’s way too late.

Norway will meet the United States in the quarter-finals.