February 25, 2024

A Note on Epic Mods and DLC – All About the Survey

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Fortnite is officially talking about DLC and mods for LEGO mode that don't exist yet. It's all about the release of the exciting update from Epic's survey.

Cary, North Carolina – Fortnite never stands still, the next update is always in the making. Epic Games is now thinking a couple of steps further and wants to improve LEGO mode with amazing features. One potential change in particular has the community jumping for joy.

Fortnite survey talks about mods and DLC for Lego mode

In 2024, Epic will continue riding the wave of success that catapulted Fortnite (again) to the top at the end of last year. The LEGO mode in particular is a revamped version of the standard BR and a new mainstay for the future. A new update in Fortnite has improved the situation – but massive changes could suddenly occur.

  • Epic Games, the developer behind Fortnite, will send a survey to its players in January 2024
  • It's easy to ignore many of the questions out there – something like “Would you recommend Fortnite to friends” – but the two questions are official indicators of potentially powerful updates to LEGO mode
  • DLC and even mods for LEGO Fortnite are a topic in the official poll – and this is now leaving the eyes of leakers and Fortnite insider ShiinaBR's eyes wide open:

The survey literally wants to know why users create multiple worlds in Fortnite's LEGO mode. Participants can choose from the following options: “I wanted to use mod” And “I wanted to use DLC“.

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Fortnite LEGO could get crazy updates: “It doesn't even have Minecraft,” celebrate fans

Joy but also fear of Fortnite updates: Above all, the mods for Fortnite's LEGO mode that appeared in the survey caused a lot of buzz among players. Comments like “amendment?“,”This is going to be so good!or “It would be an incredible adjustment if they did [Epic] Which is implemented properlyThis would also set Minecraft apart by celebrating the new Fortnite features that were asked about in the survey.

Boy, if Fortnite really allowed LEGO Fortnite mods, it would be one of the best games ever made.

Fortnite with a note about mods and DLC for LEGO mode – what is it? © LEGO / Epic Games (assembly)

DLC, which also appears in Epic's survey, is currently generating less noise. “Great, pay more money“These are some of the reactions to Fortnite, which is free to play, and the potential for more microtransactions.

LEGO mode coming soon with mods and DLC? Here's what you need to know about the release

When are mods and DLC coming for LEGO Fortnite? There's currently no set date or even a time frame for big changes to Fortnite's Lego mode. It's also important to remember that even if Epic Games officially talked about DLC and mod support in the survey, there's no guarantee that will come in the future.

What are the modifications?

Mods or modifications are changes to the game. Small mods allow you to roam like Pokémon in Skyrim or GTA, or fans fix bugs themselves that have been ignored by developers for a long time. Volume adjustments can add entire chapters to a story. Mods, especially on PC, help ensure that games are always expanding with new content created by players themselves. Here you can see examples of popular modifications.

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The announcement of the survey, and above all, the positive feedback, should show Epic how much fans want these features for the new LEGO mode. But what we do know is when the next updates will be coming: An overview of all the upcoming patch dates up to Fortnite Season 2.