June 20, 2024

A new trailer for playing Red Hood has been released

A new trailer for playing Red Hood has been released

It won’t be long before DC fans can delve deeper into the daring Gotham City. An open world action RPG Gotham Knights A new trailer has now appeared.

Impressions of Red Hood in combat

This introduces the character of Red Hood. This companion, sometimes antagonist, Batmans first appeared in the comics in 1951 and unites several people under his pseudonym – in the game he is Jason Todd. His goal in Gotham Knights is to protect the city at all costs. “The resurrection may have changed him, but one thing remains the same: Gotham City needs Red Hood.”Write for developers Warner Bros. games. about personality. β€œHe would do anything to save the city. What worst could happen? He has already gone to hell and is back, and he will do it again.” In the new game demo, he can be seen battling criminals armed with two pistols – his specialty is medium range attacks.

Four different heroes

The ‘Gotham Knights’ story continues Batman: Arkham Knight On, but independent. Batman, the city’s most famous protector, is gone. What remains is his closest circle to confront the criminal underworld. Players – alone or in pairs – can slide into the role of Batgirl, Nightwing, or Robin as well as Red Hood. Gameplay announcements for the other characters have been out since June, and Red Hood is now the last. All characters’ abilities vary and can be expanded later in the game via skill trees.

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“Gotham Knights” will be released on October 25 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Those who actually pre-order the game will get a special Batcycle skin.

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