October 5, 2023

Apple resets the battery percentage

Apple resets the battery percentage

The battery indicator returns with iOS 16, but not on all iPhone models.picture: honored

Apple has released a new beta version of the upcoming iOS 16 mobile operating system. It has the much awaited battery indicator feature.

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In its new beta version of iOS 16 has apple Added a feature that users often request: displaying the battery as a percentage in the battery icon on the home screen. This was reported, among other things, by 9to5mac magazine. with post Iphone X and the notch at the top of its iPhones, Apple removed the percentage of the display there.

In the new iOS 16 beta, users can now add the battery indicator back to the status bar. You can do this in the settings under the “Battery” menu item by activating the toggle for the “Battery percentage” option. For some users, the function is already activated by default, it is said.

What does the icon look like? Like the normal battery icon in previous iOS versions, 9to5mac writes. When the iPhone is not connected to the charging cable, the battery percentage icon is displayed. When the iPhone is in sleep mode, the ratio is also visible. And when the battery is charged, iOS will display the percentage next to a small charging icon.

Not available on all iPhone models

The screen is not available within the iOS Beta for iPhone XR, 11, 12 mini, and 13 mini models. As before, the percentage can only be displayed in the Control Center, which can be accessed with a swipe gesture.

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Apple introduced its iOS 16 mobile operating system at its developer conference in June, which is supposed to be available for iPhones within the year. The most important innovations We summarize it in one article. This includes a customizable lock screen and revised notifications. Also “always on” function for iPhone screens It can be included in the new iOSThe developers also claim to have recently discovered a beta version of iOS 16.


Fairphone 4 5G phone


Fairphone 4 5G phone

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