February 29, 2024

A glitch in LEGO Fortnite brings infinite experience points

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Glitch in LEGO Fortnite brings countless experience points © Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 5’s Battle Pass offers more variety than ever before. It can be completed quickly using XP Glitch in LEGO mode.

HAMBURG – The new LEGO toy has only been available for a few days fortnite Available for free, but collaboration has already proven to be beneficial Epic Games Like an absolute hit. The player numbers in the Sandbox Survival game mode represent the player numbers Battle Royale Completely in the shade at first. But there is still an unexpected feature for players in LEGO Fortnite. The XP glitch ensures that you can complete the Battle Pass in no time.

You can read how XP Glitch works in LEGO Fortnite here.

If you’re after the Battle Pass, you can shorten things by using XP Glitch in LEGO Fortnite. Survival mode missions are key. Many quests do not give you a fixed amount of experience points, but instead allow you to level up instantly.

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