May 27, 2024

A concert full of enthusiasm and harmony – Al Sadd

The Rhine-Lauryach Symphony Orchestra has ended its Castle in Weir concert season with a classically romantic programme. Nearly 200 visitors experience a great concert.

“Tonight you will experience what enthusiasm and harmony between conductor and orchestra means.” This was stated by Stefan Karl Schultz, the new head of the Upper Rhine Symphony Orchestra in Lorrach, at the closing concert of the classical music season at the Stadthalle Wehr. Only the nearly 200 listeners could agree with him. The “chemistry” between conductor Siping Wang and the orchestra was just right, and Wang’s energetic conduct and precision in the entries carried over into the overall sound.

Already in Schubert’s Five German Dances and Seven Trios for Strings, the lightness and slender sound of chamber music are striking. The chords approached the dances lively and energetically. In the pulsating minuet, in the Landler, in the round dance, in the waltz and the Scottish dance, the dancing figures are succinctly composed by the orchestra. The orchestral swing, the dynamic movement of the strings, the melodiousness, and also the grown sound of the strings were convincing in this enchanting interpretation of Schubert.

As a soloist, Denis Zhdanov gave a brilliant performance of Tchaikovsky’s Variations on a Rococo Theme for cello and orchestra. Zhdanov, a solo cellist of the Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra, has proven himself technically excellent in these variations, which places the highest demands on the soloist. Strong-spoken, strong and charismatic in the bend, he mastered fast running and the most difficult tricks. The virtuoso cellist has the necessary flexibility in the sound-and-fury technique of elegant and instrumental variations with their exquisite effects, but also the strong, warm, intense tone of elegant, ballad-like melodies and expressive romances. Excellently rehearsed and carefully directed by Siping Wang, the orchestra kept up the soloist admirably. The harmony and balance between the solo cellist and the orchestra worked perfectly, and the interaction was harmonized. Audiences were able to fully enjoy this mixture of Rococo themes and Tchaikovsky’s romantic chromatic language. Denis Zhdanov expressed his thanks for the huge applause with a wonderful musical introduction by Ukrainian cellist and composer Mikhail Buchinik as a solo encore.

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Since Tchaikovsky was an admirer of Mozart, Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G minor was the orchestral highlight of the program. Here, too, the orchestra was in great shape. It did justice to this thrilling symphony, full of restless turmoil and moments of tragedy and melancholy. The motor impulse that prevails in the outer movements came across as lively and energetic in the orchestral sound. Conductor Siping Wang maintained tension and pressing movement in these allegro movements, which, in addition to the committed strings, the winds also left a very special impression. Andante’s action has been played in densely lyrical style, with light, sexy moments. The brutality in the minuet and the urgent impetuosity in the final movement, which increases with strength and power in the voice, show the great skill and dynamics with which this Mozart symphony was performed by the orchestra.