May 23, 2024

5 tips for the best crispy muesli

5 reasons why we love granola

  1. You can prepare your breakfast quickly and easily. Recipes work in no time at all – and you save money. Because doing it yourself is often cheaper than buying the product.
  2. You can immediately make larger batches: If stored properly, homemade granola will keep for several days.
  3. You can fully develop your creativity while preparing and combining crunchy muesli with a variety of ingredients.
  4. Granola tastes great with fruit added or on its own with some (vegan) milk.
  5. Granola is also suitable as a DIY gift, for example on birthdays or at Christmas for the family.

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Granola Baking: This mistake spoils every recipe

If you’re making your own granola, you should always keep an eye on the oven while it’s baking. Since it’s easy to make crunchy muesli yourself, it can be done just as quickly Burn. And nobody can do anything with burnt granola anymore. It’s all sad when your homemade breakfast ends up in the trash. Fortunately we know a little advicewith which you can prevent burning or burning.

5 tips for the best crispy muesli

  • Make sure the oven isn’t too hot – and check the granola’s condition regularly while it’s baking.
  • Remove very small, flaky ingredients from your granola mix, such as chia seeds, hemp seeds, sprouted amaranth, or soft oatmeal. Because: These foods tend to burn easily and quickly. However, you don’t have to completely do without chia seeds and their associates: They can be mixed into granola even after baking.
  • When it comes to oil, be sure to choose a product that can withstand high temperatures. Also so you don’t lose valuable ingredients due to heat. It’s best to steer clear of the original cold-pressed oils and use coconut oil, rapeseed oil, or cocoa butter instead to make your own homemade granola.
  • Whole nuts turn black quickly in the oven. Therefore we recommend roughly chopping the nuts beforehand. The granola will also provide an extra bit of crunch.
  • The crunchy oat flakes can be toasted briefly in a skillet covered with a little oil.
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Bonus tip: This keeps the crunchy muesli crunchy for longer

Proper storage is key! Anyone who keeps leftover granola in an airtight container, such as a storage jar with a lid, will be able to enjoy crunchy muesli the next day and the day after that.

By the wayYou can also make granola without sugar—at least without the classic table sugar. Is that: If you do without the sweetener completely, you will lose the usual crunch. Because only the sugar makes the muesli stick together and become nice and crunchy. Instead of white sugar, you can use agave syrup or apple sweetener, for example. Coconut oil is also suitable for sugar-free granola.