June 14, 2024

5 destinations where it’s already summer in March

Up to 6 hours flight time

Have you had enough of winter? It’s already summer in these five destinations

From the natural paradise of La Gomera to the dreamy beaches of Cape Verde – these five destinations capture the summer temperatures.


Tired of winter? Fortunately, some summer destinations are no more than six hours away by plane from Switzerland.


Are you tired of the cold temperatures and the constant change in the weather and do you yearn for summer and sunshine on your skin? then Escape the last weeks of winter with a trip To the south. For example to one of these five destinations that can be reached in a maximum of six hours flying time.

For individual travelers: La Gomera

In winter, many are attracted to the Canary Islands, which are famous for their mild climate all year round. But why not plan a trip to La Gomera instead of just Gran Canaria or Tenerife? The wildest of the Canary Islands, the Canary Islands already scores in March with temperatures over 22 degrees.

The perfect travel time to discover the island’s jungles, fishing villages, and colorful island capital, San Sebastian de la Gomera, away from the main summer season. The island is particularly suitable for anyone who wants to set off on their own – whether by bike, hiking or by car.

For explorers: the emirates Ras al-Khaimah and Sharjah

The United Arab Emirates are popular holiday destinations, especially in the winter months. It’s no wonder the average temperatures are around 27 degrees and nine hours of sunshine a day.

next to Dubai And Abu Dhabi, however, the other emirates also lure with dream beaches and desert landscapes – and at much lower prices. Emirates ras al khaimah and sharjah are interior tips. In a beach paradise, historic old towns, museums, camel races, parks, and palaces welcome tourists.

Flight time from Zurich: Arrive via Dubai (about six hours), and then, for example, by car to Ras Al Khaimah (1 hour 45 minutes) or to Sharjah (1 hour 15 minutes).

For island hoppers: Cape Verde Islands

Together with fourteen other islands off the northwest coast of Africa, Sal makes up the volcanic archipelago of Cape Verde: miles of light sandy beaches and mild temperatures make the islands the perfect holiday destination from March on.

Whether you are into swimming, volcano hiking, diving or kite surfing – Cape Verde has almost everything you could wish for.

Flight time from Zurich: You can reach Sal Island in six hours by plane.

For culture lovers: Jordan

From the ancient rocky city of Petra to the jet-setting flair of sunny Aqaba on the Red Sea to the desert dream of Wadi Rum – on a round trip across Jordan, you’ll immerse yourself in another world. Especially from the month of March, the kingdom attracts mild temperatures, which makes sightseeing enjoyable.

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Another feature is the Jordanian cuisine, which is full of oriental delicacies. We were there ourselves in November and have one bubble hotel Tested in the middle of the desert too I collected a lot of advice and impressions.

Flight time from Zurich: You can reach Amman in four hours and Aqaba in five hours.

For families: Crete

From the end of March, spring slowly begins in Crete. Even if it’s still too fresh to swim, the island’s Greek flair can be enjoyed in the pleasant temperatures.

The largest of the Greek islands is ideal for families with children and for all kinds of excursions – even outside the main season.

Flight time from Zurich: After a two and a half hour flight, you land in Crete.

What are your winter travel tips?

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