May 23, 2024

Landerneau (F): 2,600 Smurfs wanted a world record, but just missed it

Landrno (F)

2,600 Smurfs wanted a world record, but just missed it

Blue as far as the eye can see: Thousands of Smurfs-clad fans gathered in the small town of Brighton over the weekend. However, the coveted world record did not fall.


The organizers counted about 2,600 smurfs in Landerneau, …

France Press agency

  • Thousands of Smurfs gathered in Brittany, aiming to join the Guinness Book of Records for largest gathering.

  • Although they obviously had a lot of fun, they are ultimately put down by a few Smurfs.

  • A small German town near the Swiss border holds the record.

in Town of Breton Landerno Thousands of people painted blue and wearing white and red hats gathered in rainy weather over the weekend to break the world record for the largest Smurf encounter. In the city of 16,000 residents, 2,600 Smurfs were finally counted on Saturday – the record attempt narrowly failing. “The rain cooled some people a bit. The most important thing is that we had a very good time,” Jules Lesieur, co-chair of the association that organized the Landerno rally, told AFP.

Many entrepreneurs participated and decorated their store windows with Smurf figures, comics or posters. “It’s beautiful, there’s a good atmosphere. Everyone thinks it’s great, we’re pursuing a goal that we can enjoy. It’s not easy in times like this,” he says. Disguised as Smurfs 59-year-old Benoit Kramarik. “It’s good for people to have little events like this, it’s refreshing for the soul,” says 25-year-old Morgan Deren, disguised as Smurfette.

The record was set in Germany

Officially, it still is Small German community Lauchringen On the German-Swiss border, which holds the world record for the largest Smurf meeting with 2,762 participants took place on February 16, 2019. However, about a year later, on March 7, 2020, Landerneau surpassed that record with 3,549 Smurfs. However, the Guinness Book did not recognize the record because, according to the organizers, a document was missing.

The fact that it wasn’t enough this time lessened the happy atmosphere in Landerneau. “Anyway, we are the biggest gathering of Smurfs in the rain,” said Lesieur.

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