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In 2019, 931 million tons of food ended up in the garbage – edible and inedible residues like bones and shells.

Nairobi / New York (dpa) – According to a United Nations report, nearly 17 percent of food sold worldwide ended up in the trash in 2019.

According to a report published by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), 931 million tons of food ended up in trash cans for private homes, restaurants, stores and other food providers.

This corresponds to about 23 million fully loaded trucks that, if placed next to each other, would arrive seven times around the world. 121 kilograms of food waste has been counted for every person on Earth at a consumer level, 74 kilograms of that in homes alone.

For the report, the experts looked at data on food waste in 54 countries – whether it was edible waste or inedible residues like bones and scales. In almost all countries, regardless of whether they are the poorest or the richest, large portions of the food sold end up in the trash. Private homes accounted for the largest share, with an average of 11 percent of food ending up in the trash, 5 percent for restaurants and other food providers and 2 percent in stores.

Meanwhile, nearly 700 million people were unable to obtain adequate food in 2019, according to the report. “Reducing food waste will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the destruction of nature through changes in land use and pollution, and increase food availability and thus reduce hunger and save money – all at a time of global recession,” the United Nations Environment Program said. – President Inger Andersen. She called on governments, companies and people of the world to do their part.

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