December 9, 2023

Elderly care and palliative care: passion meets science.  He was awarded the Hildegard Teuschl Prize

Elderly care and palliative care: passion meets science. He was awarded the Hildegard Teuschl Prize

Vienna (OTS) On March 3, 2021, the Undergraduate Palliative Care Course (in collaboration between the Paracelsus Private Medical University, the Austrian Umbrella Foundation, and St. Virgil Salzburg) awarded the Hildegard Tuchl Prize to three award winners at an online ceremony. Outstanding scientific achievements, especially innovative projects in the topic of elderly care and palliative care, were honored.

He won the first prize Maggie Christine Huntermayer On behalf of the four organizations, Arbeiter Samariterbund Wien, Caritas of the Archidocese of Vienna, CS Caritas Socialis and Volkshilfe Wien for The Hospice and Palliative Care Culture in Mobile Care and Support (HPC Mobil) project continues to make an impact. against. The Interagency Sustainability Group was honored. She made it her mission with great passion, even after the project she started and managed by the umbrella organization Hospiz Österreich, to strengthen interagency collaboration, and to enhance communication with important interfaces such as general practitioners and HPC Mobil content transmission.

The second prize goes to a palliative medicine specialist from Reader Renate Racing, MS For your master’s thesis as part of the undergraduate course in palliative care. “Severe stroke – challenges for family members and treatment teams. In her Master’s thesis, she described the competencies that team members of the Stroke Units’ unit need in order to be able to deal appropriately with end-of-life issues.

Sabine and Button From CS Caritas Socialis Wien received about the project “Lighthouse, a project that combines two core areas of “dementia” and “palliative care”Third prize.

Lena Biltari, Managing Director of Hospiz Austria Umbrella and Chair of the Steering Committee for the University Course in Palliative Care, stressed the importance of educational work as a quality assurance: “To date, nearly 5,000 employees have completed the basic professional course on palliative care and nearly 200 of them hold a degree. The Master of Science in a multidisciplinary and internationally recognized university course in the field of palliative care.At the European level, we are in the foreground here.

Praised by Sister Karen Wheeler, Head of Pastoral Social Services, Values ​​and Volunteering at Caritas Socialis. Hildegard Teuchl and how the submitted projects, with their innovative, multidisciplinary and people-oriented aspects, recalled the spirit of the aged care pioneer who gave the award its name.

Course director, Doris Schlumer, reported on the news on the undergraduate course of palliative care, such as re-accreditation and the innovative Graduate Club.

Waltraud Klasnik, President of Hospiz Österreich, concluded the award ceremony with a great appreciation for the affection and love for the people entrusted to them, which was evident among the winners.

Also present was the Prize Foundation’s Maja Dornier, who also graduated from the undergraduate course, and expressed her enthusiasm for the award-winning projects.

We are pleased with this passion, efficiency and innovations and we congratulate!

Basic information:

The Hildegard Teuschl Award commemorates Mag.a Sr. Hildegard Teuschl CS (1937-2009), a pioneer in the Austrian dying and palliative movement and founder of the university organization Hospiz Österreich. The total prize is 6000 euros. The members of the 2020 jury are Dr. Karl Bitschnau (Hospice Vorarlberg), elementary university. Prof. Johannes Miran (Brothers of Mercy Hospital / Vienna), Dr. Patrick Schuchter (Cardinal Koenig House) and MA Sister Karen Wheeler cs.

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