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02/10/2022 – 10:55 am


Tampa Bay, Berlin (ots)

A recent survey conducted by Censuswide on behalf of KnowBe4, the world’s largest security training and phishing simulation site, looks at the similarities and differences in the security attitudes and behaviors of more than 6,000 employees in six countries: Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway and South Africa.

In addition to research on user confidence in online fraud detection, KnowBe4’s research shows improvements in the relationship between staff and IT security teams. In fact, the vast majority (87%) of respondents worldwide say they are more or less comfortable reporting a security issue, breach or error to their security team – although the numbers vary greatly by region. On average in all the countries surveyed, nearly 53% of respondents said they were comfortable reporting a security incident to their IT team. In South Africa, the figure was almost 80%. In Germany, on the other hand, the rate is less than 35%. This shows that while German companies have a long way to go, other regions are at the forefront of making it easier for their employees to report safety incidents.

According to survey respondents, the first three reasons why users feel uncomfortable reporting a computer security incident are:

  • “The procedure for reporting an incident is very difficult”
  • “I’m afraid to report security issues to the IT Security Committee”
  • “I do not know how to report problems to the Security Council.”

Another topic of the survey is the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) in companies. More than 23% of respondents said they use MFA, but Germany (14%) and South Africa (almost 13%) are the least used countries. All countries must increase their acceptance of the MFA to better combat cybercrime.

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