April 13, 2024

Xbox Portable: Microsoft reportedly has new prototypes

Rumors continue to swirl that Microsoft is working on an Xbox console in a portable format. These same assumptions are now being given new material: in a podcast on the YouTube channel Rand Al Tahour 19 Windows Central editor Jez Corden answered at 1:05:02 when asked that Microsoft recently received additional prototypes. This should not explicitly relate to devices that have already appeared before, but rather to new products. A possible connection to the Xbox development kit that has appeared in South Korea has also been mentioned.

Will a portable Xbox come?

If there are indeed new prototypes, it confirms that Microsoft is still working on developing the portable Xbox. Corden goes further and claims that this is explicitly intended to be a console for playing games locally. So the focus will likely be on at least reasonably powerful hardware and not on cloud gaming.

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