June 20, 2024

Thunderbird Tip: The Profile Manager separates professional mail from private mail

Using Thunderbird’s built-in function called “Profile Manager”, it is possible to clearly separate professional and private email addresses. Here using Linux Mint as an example.>

Thunderbird It offers a somewhat hidden function called Profile management Which can be well used to separate professional and private email addresses. This Thunderbird tip explains how to set up this little tool with the operating system Linux Mint. The popular operating system has a very useful little feature called Starter. It is enough to right-click on the desktop to create a starter.

Figure 01 shows the Linux Mint desktop as a partition (version 21.2 Cinnamon).
A new “beginning” is created.

A menu will then open at first where you simply have to enter the correct command:

thunderbird -P

The name can be chosen freely and will later be displayed under the icon. Now just click OK to save the change.

Figure 02 shows the starting characteristics with manual characteristics
Entries to start Thunderbird profile management later.

The starting properties are now complete and a brief question is asked whether an entry should be entered in the list. A yes or no decision has no impact on functionality, so the choice made is purely a matter of taste.

Figure 03 shows the context menu that appears when you save the start tool.

Figure 04 shows the final initiator
Desktop (details) for Linux Mint.

Since I personally don’t prefer this launch icon as an icon, I will change it briefly. All you have to do is right-click on the start and click on Properties. Clicking on the missile is enough to open the selection menu. You can also select your own photos using the browse function.

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Figure 05 shows the characteristics of the initiator

Double clicking is now enough to open profile management. Figure 06 shows how to create, delete, or rename a new profile.

Figure 06 shows Thunderbird profile management (version 115.11.0)

Figure 07 shows two newly created profiles

From now on, Thunderbird can start both personal and professional profiles. Configuration of the respective email addresses can now be performed. There are other solutions to open profile management, that is here Thunderbird described it well. I personally like to use profile management in my lectures to introduce participants to Virgin Thunderbird without exposing my mailboxes.

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