World Cup bar. Embolo is looking forward to an “emotional” match in Cameroon ++ The King of Saudi Arabia declares a public holiday.

Nati begins their World Cup adventure against Cameroon on Thursday. It will be a very special match for one person: Brill Embolo was born in Cameroon and spent the first six years of his childhood in the Central African country. In 2003 his parents divorced, and his mother moved to Switzerland – little Brielle followed six months later.

Just before the duel against his home country, Embolo talked about his relationship with Cameroon, which is still very intact. He wants to give something back to the country where he was born. This is one of the reasons why it was founded at an early age, which supports children in Cameroon, among other things.

The Cameroon match will be very special for Brielle Embolo.

stone key

“I try to go to Cameroon once or twice a year,” says the Natty striker. The relationship with the state remains strong. “Cameroon is part of me. Three-quarters of my family still live there – my parents too.”

He also expressed his hope that Embolo would play for the Cameroonian national team. However, the striker chose Switzerland. Despite this, he always dreamed of playing against his native country one day. When Switzerland was already in a group with Cameroon in the draw, Empolo felt “not anticipation, but a very special feeling,” he said.

For him and his family, this tournament will be the highlight of the tournament. “It will be very emotional for all of us.” Embolo says he has always been a fan of the Cameroonian national team and their stars like Samuel Eto’o and Alex Song. “Only if we played against them, I wouldn’t be impressed.”

The Cameroonians, opponents of Nati, should not be underestimated

Switzerland’s first World Cup opponent has it all. Cameroon always makes a fuss in the finals.


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