Women in Science – Five heroines who didn’t find fame despite their discoveries

Do you know these scholars?

Whether in biology, physics or astronomy: women have enriched the world through their achievements. But some of them still do not get recognition. Many women have been in men’s shadows for years – we’re making them visible again.

James Watson and Francis Crick made history by discovering the double helix structure of DNA. Even today, kids learn their names in biology class. But what is not usually mentioned is that women played a major role in this discovery. Biochemist Rosalind Franklin has made the first highly accurate image of the double helix. Watson and Crick? He stole those pictures. While the two men were receiving the Nobel Prize, Rosalind Franklin supposedly died as a result of their research.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Whether it’s the DNA double helix, nuclear fission, or mobile technology: the women behind many great discoveries are usually mentioned only in lowercase — after all. Like Rosalind Franklin, some of them still do not appear in textbooks to this day. How did this happen and who are these women?

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