March 2, 2024

With bike and bag

The bicycle is his faithful companion, his transport and vehicle: Globetrotter Reinhard Pontke travels anywhere in the world with his bike and bag. He has already visited Norway (17 times), Sweden, Iceland (three times), Scotland, England, New Zealand (three times), some South Sea Islands and the Canary Islands. Last year he was drawn back to Canada and Alaska. From May to September he cycled from Vancouver to the Canadian Arctic Ocean and Anchorage, Alaska. Always with you: his camera. Reinhard Pontke has again created a multi-view show from photographs, films and aerial photographs, which he will present in January in Syk, Achim and Osterholz-Scharmbeck.

His bike journey began in Vancouver on the west coast of Canada. From there, the avid cyclist first headed to the diverse and long island of Vancouver Island. “The endless beaches, pristine rainforests and picturesque villages left me in awe,” says Pantke. After leaving the island, his journey continued over 750 kilometers in northern British Columbia along the lonely Stewart Cassier Highway.

“I was particularly fascinated by the endless expanses there, but I also repeatedly passed through areas that had burned large forests,” he says. Along the way he also encountered bears from time to time. “What's most special to me about solitude is the encounters with other travelers and locals that you can only experience in the wilderness of North America.”

Speaking of loneliness: Yukon Territory alone is one and a half times the size of Germany, but has a population the size of a small town. The Globetrotter travels hundreds of kilometers without passing through any cities, leaving no opportunity for shopping. “These were real challenges, but I experienced unique and unforgettable natures.” After a detour to huge glaciers, mountain landscapes and rainforests, he continues the tour in the footsteps of fortune hunters in search of the famous city of gold. of Dawson City on the Yukon River.

“The route to Tuktojakduk, the northernmost road reach in Canada, was again hit by massive wildfires,” Pontke reports. So, even once, he couldn't go on the cycle path. Home to Anchorage, where the adventure ends after nearly 5,000 kilometers, he is finally drawn to mysterious places: abandoned mining towns and large national parks.

Down to business

Show and raffle

Cycling: The multi-viewing show “5000 kilometers by bike from Vancouver to Alaska” with photos and pictures will be held on Wednesday January 17th at 7pm in the Central Theater in Osterholz-Scharmbeck and on Sunday January 21st at 11am. Morning at Hansa Theater showing on Psyche. There will also be another show at Kash in Achim on Wednesday, January 24 at 7:30 p.m. The site has lots of tips and suggestions for your own travels.

Raffle: WESER-KURIER is giving away a total of 5 x 2 free tickets to one of the multivision lectures in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Achim or Syke. If you want to win, write an email to [email protected] by 6pm on Tuesday, January 9th, using the keyword “Canada” and mentioning your name and desired location. Legal aid is excluded.

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