May 18, 2024

Examination of the scalp and hair follicles in case of hair loss with a modern device

Why foods rich in fat are bad for your hair

Researchers have discovered a molecular mechanism for why a diet rich in foods high in fat can lead to hair loss. In a new study, they found that hair follicle stem cells behave differently on a high-fat diet than on a standard diet. In addition, inflammation in the stem cells led to these differences, which ultimately led to cause hair loss. These fascinating data shed light on the complex relationship between obesity and organ dysfunction.

How high-fat foods can cause hair follicle inflammation

To date, there is ample scientific evidence that obesity can lead to the development of many diseases. This may be, for example, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which are common diseases in people who are overweight. However, it is not entirely clear how precisely chronic obesity leads to organ deterioration and loss of function. Therefore, a research group used mouse models to study how foods high in fat or genetic obesity affect hair loss. The study authors found that being overweight can lead to the depletion of hair follicle stem cells by inducing certain inflammatory signals. Accordingly, this prevents the regeneration of the hair follicles and eventually leads to their loss. These usually renew themselves, which is prevented by the aging process. This leads to fewer hair follicles and thus to hair thinning. Although obese people are more likely to develop androgenetic alopecia, it has not been clear whether obesity accelerates hair thinning. So the research team focused on this.

How high-fat foods affect health as a diet

Study results show that a high-fat diet also accelerates hair thinning by breaking it down. The scientists also compared gene expression in hair on both types of diet and tracked the fate of hair follicles after they were activated. The lab mice that were examined showed faster hair loss and smaller hair follicles along with an exhaustion of the regeneration process. In the presence of high lipids, activation of inflammatory signals by cytokines was also shown. The researchers emphasized that activation of the signaling pathway in this process could reverse this fatigue. This can prevent hair loss caused by foods rich in fat. this study It provides new and interesting insights into the cellular fate-specific changes and tissue imbalance that can occur after a high-fat diet or genetic obesity. This could open the door to preventing and treating hair loss in the future, as well as understanding obesity.

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