April 13, 2024

Why does Rob Greenfield carry the trash with him for a month!

Why does Rob Greenfield carry the trash with him for a month!

Rob Greenfield in the trash suit. Instagram / Rob Greenfield

Every year we throw away an incredible amount: food, packaging, etc. According to current statistics, each person in Germany produces an average of 476 kg of household waste, and the situation is very similar in other rich industrial countries such as Great Britain, France, Canada, Russia and the USA – and it has been so for many years. The fact that the amount of litter has not decreased despite a supposed new awareness spurred activist Rob Greenfield to revive a work of art from 2016.

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Rob Greenfield wants to show how much waste is produced in everyday life

Because the activist walks into Los Angeles in a trash suit. The litter suit that Greenfield introduced in New York in 2016 consisted of transparent, tear-resistant bags he attached to his clothes—and the artwork works like this: On April 20, Greenfield slipped into his litter suit. For a month he drank, ate, and consumed food and other necessities like the average American. But the trash he produces doesn’t end up in the trash, but in his trash suit.

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According to Greenfield, after 30 days, he has accumulated 70 pounds of litter, which equals 31.75 kg! More than half of it was food packaging: plastic bags, Coke cans, but also coffee cups from large chains or disposable plates from businesses scattered in various stores.

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Rob Greenfield wants to wake people up in a trash suit

With this campaign, Rob Greenfield wants to shake people up, show how much waste one person produces and thus give people “a chance for self-reflection,” he says in a video on his Instagram page. After all, people do not carry rubbish with them all the time, but throw it in rubbish bins.

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At the end of his experiment, the litter’s wetsuit was properly inflated, and Greenfield, who had been minimizing his litter for nearly ten years, could barely get through the narrow lanes, as evidenced by the video. He says that this mountain of trash that clings to everyone can no longer be ignored.