October 4, 2023

Where does the British Queen go shopping?

Where does the British Queen go shopping?

Shopping is part of everyday life for many – even for Queen Elizabeth II. Manufacturers and stores that supply them regularly can consider themselves lucky: they receive the title of “royal order” from the royal family. It’s not just some sort of vote of confidence, being a court financier especially helps with marketing.

London.Jermaine Street in London’s posh St James neighborhood is not known for its bargain shops. There are no souvenir shops here, no supermarket, not even a pub from the ubiquitous JD Wetherspoon chain in Great Britain. Instead, visitors here will find just what they need to be able to slip in and out of the region’s gentlemen’s clubs: classic clothing, perfume, and accessories. Jermaine Street is an address for people who can afford it.

Henry Germain, 1st Earl of St Albans, modernized the entire region in the second half of the 17th century. The street still bears his name in his honor. St. James should become a sort of pioneer of shopping for the nobility, hence the idea at the time. And in a way, the neighborhood remains so to this day.

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