April 25, 2024

Why am I choosing Fourth Avenue Residences?

Renowned Singapore property developers have proudly presented with the all green properties which are delighted to announce the fourth avenue residences launch. The new development is gained more attention. The fourth avenue residence had the star property beside the sixth avenue MRT station. Prestigious schools and the most illustrious schools are near to the fourth avenue residence. This had lots of offers in district 10 and it offered an unprecedented array of lifestyle opportunities and the trending facilities are presented in the market. 


Unparalleled Access of Amenities


The fourth avenue residences is located in the Bukit Timah heart of the city and there is no doubt for the main factors of the buyers. This project is situated in the elite Singapore area and it is also nested with the up-class bukit where is the most often is associated with the wealthiest residential area of Singapore. On the top of the distinguished address is presented in district 10 for the condominium bus networks. The remarkable aspect of the renowned education belt has had the neighbourhood offers. The uncanny array of the Nanyang girl’s high school includes high-caliber schools. 


Best offers of Residences


The residents spoiled the lifestyle choices, had the luxury of living in the lifestyle space of the fourth avenue. Residents are choosing the recovers and reset at the relaxation of the grand lawn and the pavilion available as well. When you are living in Bukit Timah, you have your satisfaction. It is the mega-development in the whopping land which is situated in the bukit timach and the contemporary architecture has had the beautifully landscaped grounds in the lush greenery. There are larger facilities available in the residence with 3 pools helping to relax the people. Multiple features of the fourth avenue residences floor plan is increase the growth of the residence.      

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Floor Plan Layouts 


The developer of the residence is helping to make the new trending developments in the market. Moreover, the brochure of the residence helps to make the different types of models. Necessities of the avenue residence have multiple advantages for the market growth. The fourth avenue residences balance unit is had more advancement in the market. 


Dining near Fourth Avenue Residences

  • Brazil Churrasco
  • Omar Shariff Authentic Indian Cuisine
  • Meat n’ Chill. Steak n’ Ribs Restaurant
  • Violet Oon Singapore
  • Ristorante De Valentino


Schools and Education Institute Institute near Fourth Avenue Residences

  • Etonhouse Pre School Vanda
  • Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School
  • Nanyang Girls’ High School
  • Nygh Boarding School
  • Posso Preschool @ Bukit Timah


Strong Reputation of Fourth Avenue


The fourth avenue residence is the most popular in the market and multiple advantages help to increase the market growth. The families and the teenagers mostly love the Pan-island expressways in the fourth avenue. There is no more payable commission is not needed for the bookings. If you quickly register in the fourth residence, then you have multiple features for the market growth. The official web portal explains the multiple features and trends in the market. The interested buyers and the investors are looking for better capital for the appreciation for the product.