February 25, 2024

When AI writes a Christmas sermon

DrThe first instructions are short and direct, similar to a school essay topic: “Write a Christmas sermon.” One would expect this much understanding from artificial intelligence. ChatGPT delivers, and on the first try the results are great. Easy-to-read and fluent text appears instantly. But in keeping with the question, the sermon sounds like a high school stylistic exercise. Every AI expert knows that such a simple request is not enough. It's all about 'claiming' it correctly. You have to tell the program exactly what you want through increasingly detailed instructions.

It's a long way to get to the final version of the sermon (which can be read in full on this page). We gradually expanded the instructions. The AI ​​must be a Protestant minister, there must be many visitors in the church before him who rarely come, the sermon must contain as few clichés as possible, but it must also take into account the Shepherds and the Three Kings as well as the biblical passages he proclaims It is about the arrival of Jesus. Can artificial intelligence do this?

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