June 17, 2024

User Generated Content - Private - When the Community Gets Creative

User Generated Content – Private – When the Community Gets Creative

User-Generated Content: This technical term sounds very dry. However, User Generated Content (UGC) is what makes many games really exciting. We present some notable examples – from the digital dream workshop to the giant sci-fi sandbox.

User-Generated Content – ‘UGC’ in English – isn’t really a new phenomenon: gamers have been tweaking their favorite titles for decades – and they’re always creating amazing things. Back in the ’80s, for example, someone came up with the idea to add blue Smurfs to the defined “Castle Wolfenstein” shooter program: “Castle Smurfenstein” was born. It continued with mods that are now world famous, such as “Counter-Strike”, which is based on “Half-Life”, “Team Fortress”, and Mod by “Quake” – as well as “Defense of the Ancients”, which is based on ” Warcraft III”. Developed by fans. The list of great mods is long – and new titles are added constantly.

User-generated content wasn’t originally intended for many games: the community created tools and channels for it themselves. However, now there are a lot of games that rely specifically on the creativity of their fans: they also provide the right editors. The most famous example of this is undoubtedly “Minecraft”, where fans can …

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